Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Being informed about performance

Dear Colleagues

One of the reasons for accounting is so that there is information that can be used to inform.

Recently I received an email that talked about an organization ... and it made me think.
The Global Fund for Women gives grants to organizations worldwide that focus on women's human rights. Since 1987, the Fund has awarded over $58 million to 3,450 women's organizations in 166 countries ranging from Africa to Afghanistan. The Global Fund for Women is a recognized leader in the international microfinance arena.
This information tells me something about the organization's size, but nothing at all about the organization's effectiveness.

This is a fundamental problem with the modern global economy. There is little or nothing of substance about performance that enters the public dialog ... and as long as this is the norm of our global society there is going to be obscene waste.


Peter Burgess

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